PG, Ryan Junee and me.

It was announced today that Google has acquired Omnisio.

Y Combinator funded Omnisio last winter. Like most founders who participate in Y Combinator's 3-month funding cycles, Ryan Junee, Julian Frumar and Simon Ratner built a remarkable product in a very short amount of time. Omnisio addressed a real need: it gives everyone an easy way to annotate online videos.

We put them to the test last April when we used Omnisio to capture and display all the talks from Startup School. They did an amazing job.

I am so delighted for Ryan, Jules and Simon and wish them all the best now that they are part of YouTube's team.

7/30/2008 07:17:48 am

Thanks Jess! We would be here without you guys.


7/30/2008 07:18:34 am

Of course that should say "wouldn't be here without you guys"

7/30/2008 09:16:19 am

Rock on, dudes.

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