Joe Damato (l) and Matt Humphrey (r) of SlapVid at a YC dinner.

Matt Humphrey, Joe Damato, Bob DiMaggio and Wei An Wang founded SlapVid last winter while students at Carnegie Mellon. They moved to Cambridge last month and were the first startup to launch during YC’s summer funding cycle (a few others were launched at the time we accepted them).

SlapVid is doing some cool new things in the streaming media space—hoping to change the traditional content delivery network (CDN) model. It’s the next-generation Akamai, using peer-to-peer networking to have users share the bandwidth load.

The founders were a bit surprised that the article focused more on SlapVid as an example of young people’s career options than on their actual product, but I told them they should be pleased: this is only the third YC-funded company the Globe has ever covered, despite 39 new startups springing up in their backyard since summer '05!

7/9/2007 04:50:25 am

I can think of 1 other YC company covered in the globe.

7/9/2007 08:13:00 am

Whoops! Updated the post to "third YC-funded company."

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