This weekend, I received this beautiful bound book from the 1000Memories founders. It was a gift from them—a collection of all the photos from the memorial page I created for my beloved grandmother, Isabella Livingston.

It’s been almost 20 years since Isabella passed away. Rather than be sad, I remember all the happy moments we shared and try keep her spirit alive. Most importantly, I want my son to understand what a special person she was. She really would have liked him.

So when Y Combinator funded 1000memories last winter, I created a memorial page for my grandmother. I had fun going through the old photos of Isabella and choosing to add ones from my childhood  that elicit special memories. My plan was to write about Isabella so that my son could learn more about her through photos and stories.

Then got sidetracked—probably with YC stuff. But my aunt Ann somehow managed to discover the link and added Isabella’s biography. She shared it with a few family members and my aunt Susan added some wonderful photos. 

Now I have this lovely book that I can read to my 2-year-old at bedtime and share my memories. I'll treasure it. 
4/13/2011 05:50:46 am

Dearest Jessie: What a beautiful gift and a priceless family heirloom for Georgie. IHL was a remarkable woman in so many ways.

Helen Goodwin
4/13/2011 07:09:47 am

I think I got to know Isa at about the time this picture was taken.
There are so many joyous memories I have of your grandmother from the time you were little till the time you graduated from college when she died...what is that? 20 years?

Isa and Lucy and I drove up to Bennington in 1976 for my 20th their 40th reunion. We stayed at Lucy's son's house in Williamstown and I can remember sitting at that old kitchen table there laughing and panting in side splitting pain, into the wee hours of the morning.
You know, I still miss her.

Helen Goodwin

Julie Christie
4/13/2011 07:16:12 am

Jessie, This picture is so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes. I remember her so fondly, even though we were just little punks. Enjoy the memories!
Julie B

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